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"After having tried five other web design companies in the last four years, in Studio Presence we have now found our long term partner for our online business objectives. Studio Presence has gone an extra mile to deliver latest technical solutions and methods keeping our site ahead of the game. Our customers have noticed, talked to others and recommended our new web site to their friends -- I call that, a job well done!".

- T. Hanover
International Speaker


"Studio Presence are truly professional. At every step in the design process, they were patient, creative and on schedule. I have received nothing but positive comments about our website, and would certainly recommend them work to others."

- Randy Bratton
Bratton Companies.

Portfolio: Optimization

- Search Engine Optimization Services


Our experts have been propelling websites to the front of competitive search engine placement races. We analyze the searching behavior of your potential clients and customers, and then build or rehabilitate your website to optimize the content, remove any technical barriers, and satisfy your customers' need for information. As a division of Studio Presence, we have the programming and web application develoment technical skills necessary to re-build your website, no matter how complex.

Search Engine Optimization Suite

In order to attract high quality traffic, a website must be properly built and carefully managed. It is not a process of manipulating or tricking the search engines. Search engines are carefully tuned information management systems that follow specific rules in relating to the billions of pages that make up the Web. SEO provides a complete understanding of the factors necessary to achieve and maintain top search engine rankings.

Opportunity Analysis - A Complete Strategic Plan

In order to position your site properly, a detailed analysis must be made of your website's assets, the searching behavior of your target market, and the performance of the competition. This must drive any design and development decisions that follow.

EBusiness Analysis - Redefining Communications Goals

Our team works with you to gain a solid understanding of your operations. Using interviews and analysis of past marketing efforts so that the resulting search engine optimization strategies will easily integrate with your current image and goals. By the time we finish this phase, interactive marketing issues will emerge that you have not yet considered.

Internet Market Research - Measuring Audience Behavior

The next step in the process is an analysis of the searching patterns of potential clients. We generate a comprehensive list of related keywords based on those used on the public search engines, your competition's keywords, and the information gathered in the EBusiness Analysis. We analyze search engine databases to determine key variations on those keywords and phrases. Analysis of actual searching behavior leads to a specific road map for the redevelopment of your website that is intended to help win key searches. We find out what the audience looks for and help you give it to them.

Competitive Analysis - Assessing the Competition

Carefully assesses your competitors online strengths and weaknesses by searching for them using the phrases generated by the Internet Market Research. A matrix of competition for each keyword phrase is created. We analyze the winners' sites to determine what it will take to build a site that wins for the target search. By looking at the winners, we help decide how to allocate your resources. Some battles will be easy to win, and some will be nearly impossible. We let you know which are which before any redevelopment starts.

Pricing & Fees
Please contact us for pricing and fees. Services are completely customized to your needs.


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