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Previous & Current Web Flash Clients

"After having tried five other web design companies in the last four years, in Studio Presence we have now found our long term partner for our online business objectives. Studio Presence has gone an extra mile to deliver latest technical solutions and methods keeping our site ahead of the game. Our customers have noticed, talked to others and recommended our new web site to their friends -- I call that, a job well done!".

- T. Hanover
International Speaker


"Studio Presence are truly professional. At every step in the design process, they were patient, creative and on schedule. I have received nothing but positive comments about our website, and would certainly recommend them work to others."

- Randy Bratton
Bratton Companies.


The goal of a business is to attract, engage and retain customers - profitably!

We accelerate customer acquisition by architecting smart devices that are both decision-maker and search-engine friendly. We then develop value-driven customer retention programs that enable our clients to serve their most profitable and desirable customers and keep them for life.

Below are a few of our Solutions, Internet Packages & description of Services

Search Engine Ranking:

Make your web site 'findable' in the top search engines

Everyday, millions of people query the search engines to find products and services you sell. Studio Presence will make sure your business is one of the web sites they can find:

ï "169,400,000 people in the US access the internet. 92% of them query search engines"

ï "85% of internet users use search engines to find the sites they want"

ï "Search engines web site listing is the number one way to generate traffic on web sites"

Studio Presence Solution to Search Engine Optimization:

* ALT tags You've got a way for search engines to recognize what's in your images
* Link popularity You've addressed this increasingly important ranking factor
* Themes You've given your pages a consistent theme
* Design You've made your site fast, pleasant, clean and easy to navigate
* No spam or frames You've avoided tactics that search engines frown upon
* Keywords in the URL or file names You name your files with keywords
* HTML Title ÝÝ Your title contains properly placed keywords
* Meta tags You use the meta description and keyword tags on every page
* Keyword prominence, density, proximity, frequency You use your keywords correctly within your pages

All these optimization techniques are crucial to keeping your companies web site at the top of the search engines.

e-Business Solution:

Connecting your Business in the world of online commerce

To better sense and respond to the needs of your customers, and stay ahead of your competitors, you'll need help from partners who understand your business processes, your industry, and the unique opportunities and challenges your business faces. The on demand environment requires simultaneous speed and power-on a limited budget.

Achieving seamless integration is not all that easy as it appears, as it involves integration of internal, home grown applications, legacy systems with the external business processes and systems.

With many different ecommerce solutions available, and a scalable shopping cart architecture fit for both small and large companies, Studio Presence will get you in the right package that will accommodate your ecommerce needs for your business to grow!

Loyalty Programs:

Reward your long-term or most-valued customers with better terms, exclusive previews of new products and other perks. At Studio Presence we can develop a host of online loyalty programs for your company:

* VIP service programs
* Information and advice programs
* Discount programs
* Community programs
* Entertainment programs
* Point programs
* Unanticipated programs

The goal of Studio Presence loyalty programs is to create rabidly loyal customers who become your brand evangelists.

Email Marketing:

Launch campaigns that are personal, relevant, interactive, measurable and profitable. Synthesized correctly, the campaigns start a dialog with prospects, deepen trust with customers, and build actionable profiles.

Promotion Marketing:

Create excitement, persuade customers to give products a try, and sell more products! Our promotion marketing generates measurable results. Contact us for an online demo of our solutions including:

* eCoupons
* Landing Pages
* Reward Programs
* eSweepstakes
* Banners

Additional Creative's & Services

• Web site Development

• Web site Design

• Web site Upgrades

• Flash Animation

• Domain Name Registration

• Web site Maintenance

• Web Hosting

• Web Publishing

• E-Commerce Sites

• Credit Card Processing

• Database Sites

• Flash



• Dreamweaver


• Java Script

• Perl

• Shockwave


• Cold Fusion

Graphic Design

• Corporate Identity

• Logo Design

• Brochures

• Posters

• Business Cards

• Digital Paintings

• Letterhead & Envelopes

• Packaging Post Cards
Multimedia • Multimedia CD production

• Business presentations

• Product presentations

• Video Production

• Enhanced Audio CDs

• Business Card CDs

• Flash Animation

• Final Cut Pro
Additional Solutions • Ads / Banners
• Calendars
• Catalogues
• Chat
• Classified Ads
• Counters
• Database Tools
• Discussion Boards
• E-Commerce
• Email Systems
• File Manipulation
• Forums / Message Brds.
• Games and Entertainment
• Guest books
• Image Galleries
• Mailing List Managers
• News Publishing
• Polls and Voting
• Shopping Carts
• User Authentication
• Web Fetching
• Web Traffic Analysis


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